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in Clothing & Accessories

Beautiful handprinted organic garments & luxury ayurvedically dyed nightwear.

3F2 Comely Bank Avenue EH4 1EL

phone: view phone0131 208 6717

website: http://www.libertorre.com

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    Llamarama Ltd

    in Clothing & Accessories

    Exclusive fair trade handmade products made with natural fibres & dyes from Peru.

    10 Marine Terrace Penzance Cornwall, United Kingdom TR18 4DL

    phone: view phone07904 686259

    website: www.llamarama.org

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      Lili Design Ltd

      in Clothing & Accessories

      Lili Design creates BioBijoux, a collection of bioplastic jewellery, cooked with natural ingredients

      21 Villiers Close Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom KT5 8DL

      phone: view phone07814 728499

      website: www.lili-design.com

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        Lumoi Jewellery

        in Clothing & Accessories

        Lumoi is an on-line ethical jewellery boutique offering handmade pieces by Louise Hall in London, UK

        PO Box 50975 London United Kingdom E4 8XF

        phone: view phone07092 898 317

        website: www.lumoi.com

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          LÄSH - fair & organic style

          in Clothing & Accessories

          Casual style, simple and unique - Everything is fairtade and organic!

          Wittekindstraße 43 Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany 33615

          phone: view phone+495215438032

          website: läsh.com

          e-mail: send an e-mail

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