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Magic Oxygen Publishing

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Eco sits at the very heart of this Dorset based publishing house. They proudly represent a diverse range of established & new authors of all genres. Manuscripts are positively invited for a free critique & higher than average royalty rates are paid.

2 Spring Cottages Uplyme Road Lyme Regis, Dorset, United Kingdom DT7 3LS

phone: view phone01297 442584

website: www.magicoxygen.co.uk

Ethical/environmental policy: www.magico...

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    Book STEPS

    in Resources

    Providing practical solutions for living, learning & working in harmony with our environment.

    4 High St

    phone: view phone027 52570

    website: http://www.booksteps.ie

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      GreenSpirit Books

      in Resources

      Mail order service that offers for sale a rich and unique collection of eco-spiritual books and DVDs.

      Living System

      in Resources

      LIVING SYSTEM - Making Sense of Sustainability. A radical new book about sustainability.


      Green Dragon

      in Resources

      Sells second-hand books to raise money for regenerating British woodland and hedgerows.

      Community Base 113 Queens Road, BN1 3XG

      website: http://www.greendragonwood...

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        Solar Electricity Handbook

        in Resources

        The Solar Electricity Handbook is a simple, practical guide to using electric solar panels.

        12 Poplar Grove CV8 3QE

        website: http://www.solarelectricit...

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          Green Books

          in Resources

          The UK independent publisher of books on a wide range of environmental issues.

          Foxhole Dartington Devon, United Kingdom TQ9 6EB

          phone: view phone01803 863260

          website: http://www.greenbooks.co.uk

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            Cygnus Books

            in Resources

            Helping you find the best books on health and healing, personal growth & environmental concerns.

            PO Box 15 SA19 6YX

            phone: view phone0845 456 1577

            website: http://www.cygnus-books.co.uk

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              Walnut Books

              in Resources

              Offers titles on permaculture, sustainable design, energy and living, organic food and gardening.

              50 Cornmarket St

              phone: view phone00353 21 4340348

              website: http://www.walnutbooks.com

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                The Inner Bookshop

                in Resources

                Books for the mind, body, spirit and health.

                111 Magdalen Road, OX4 1RQ

                phone: view phone01865 245301

                website: http://www.innerbookshop.com

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