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Charcoal People

in Clothing & Accessories, Food & Drink

Charcoal People

Premium Listing

The Charcoal People offer natural bamboo charcoal water filters, hand-crafted pendants and both unscented & scented handmade charcoal soap. The bamboo is charred using no chemical processes whatsoever and it is an abundant and sustainable plant.

67 Clifton Road Kingston upon Thames, Surrey, United Kingdom KT2 6PJ

phone: view phone020 8549 2772

website: www.charcoalpeople.co.uk

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    Belu Water

    in Food & Drink

    Belu is a pioneering social enterprise that produces the UK’s most ethical water brand.

    7 Clifford Street London, United Kingdom W1W 2FT

    phone: view phone0870 240 6121

    website: www.belu.org

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      reTAP Bottles

      in Food & Drink

      ReTAP Reusable Glass Water Bottles were created after reading about plastic islands in the oceans.


      TreeVitalise Detox Water

      in Food & Drink

      TreeVitalise birch waters are the most valuable products you can get out of a tree.

      Tonbridge, Kent, United Kingdom TN9 1RF

      website: www.treevitalise.com

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        in Food & Drink

        A UK wide network of of free water refill points, and amazing reusable bottles.

        United Kingdom

        phone: view phone02077130538

        website: www.tapwater.org

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          PurifiCup® Portable Water Purifier

          in Food & Drink

          New Portable Water Purifier. Now on Sale in United Kingdom,& Europe. Bottled water costs the Earth.

          3 Phipps Road Woodford Halse Northamptonshire, United Kingdom NN11 3TW

          phone: view phone01245 206181

          website: www.purificup.co.uk

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            Found 6 records

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