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in Food & Drink

Aa co-operative of farmers, producers selling on a local scale, and farmers' markets organisers.

Food Ethics Council

in Food & Drink

An independent champion for better food and farming.


Fairfood International

in Food & Drink

Encourages sustainability in the food industry contributing to the fight against poverty and hunger.

Damrak 83-A The Netherlands

phone: view phone+31 (0)627241132

website: www.fairfood.org

e-mail: send an e-mail


    in Food & Drink

    Redistributes surplus food from the food industry to vulnerable people in the community.

    Organic Countryside Co-op

    in Food & Drink

    Helping consumers of organic food buy locally grown organic produce.

    Elm Farm Research Centre

    in Food & Drink

    Education and Training in agriculture and food systems on organic principles.

    Vegetable Expert

    in Food & Drink

    Save money, eat well and reduce your carbon footprint by growing your own vegetables.

    Organic Centre Wales

    in Food & Drink

    Information on organic food and farming in Wales.


    Organic Products Lifestyle

    in Food & Drink

    Wealth of information about organic as whole and it deals with organic products.

    1 Ridley Road London, United Kingdom

    website: www.organic-products-lifes...

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      in Food & Drink

      Advocates food & agriculture policies & practices that enhance health & welfare.

      London, United Kingdom N1 9PF

      website: www.sustainweb.org

      e-mail: send an e-mail

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