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Eco Friendly Paints (17)

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in Eco Builds

Livos Australia - supplies a large range of plant based non-toxic products for various surfaces.

20 Sherman Drive Australia 3153

website: www.livos.com.au

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    B-Earth paints

    in Eco Builds

    Manufacturers of certified eco friendly paints & coatings with 7 year guarantee.

    8 Dewar Street Gauteng, South Africa

    phone: view phone+27 (0)12 819 1409

    website: www.b-earth.co.za

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      The Organic & Natural Paint Co.

      in Eco Builds

      We sell top natural and organic paints to the UK market. Multiple brands but an Auro Specialist!

      Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom

      website: www.organicnaturalpaint.co.uk

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        Holkham Linseed Paints

        in Eco Builds

        Linseed Oil, Natural Pains and accessories.

        The Clock Tower Longlands Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk, United Kingdom NR23 1RU

        phone: view phone01328 711348

        website: www.holkham.co.u

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          Earth Friendly Supplies

          in Eco Builds

          We specialise in providing our clients with most environmentally friendly decorating products.

          North Shields Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom NE29 0RN

          phone: view phone07751 751656

          website: www.earthfriendlysupplies....

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            Eco Solutions

            in Eco Builds

            The intelligent environmentally safer option when it comes to paint or coatings removal.

            Summerleaze House Church Road Somerset, United Kingdom BS25 1BH

            phone: view phone01934 844484

            website: www.ecosolutions.co.uk

            e-mail: send an e-mail


              Biofa Natural Paints

              in Eco Builds

              Biofa Paints are renowned for their outstanding environmental and health credentials.

              Austral Farm Althorne Essex, United Kingdom CM3 6DP

              phone: view phone01621 740591

              website: www.biofapaint.co.uk

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                The Little Greene Paint Company

                in Eco Builds

                Authentic period colours that are kind the the environment.

                Aglaia Natural Paints

                in Eco Builds

                A complete range of plant based natural paint products.

                United Kingdom

                phone: view phone 01208 79779

                website: www.naturalpaintsonline.co.uk

                e-mail: send an e-mail

                  Ecos Organic Paints

                  in Eco Builds

                  A range of solvent free paints and varnishes.

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