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Woodland Management (10)

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Arboricultural Association

in Conservation

Promotes tree care and tree knowledge in UK with a list of approved Tree surgery contractors.

Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL10 3DL

phone: view phone01242 522152

website: www.trees.org.uk

e-mail: send an e-mail

    Forest Stewartship Council

    in Conservation

    Sets forest management standards for the UK and provides an information service.


    The Woodland Trust

    in Conservation

    UK's leading woodland conservation charity dedicated solely to protecting our native woodlands.

    Kempton Way, Dysart Road Grantham Lincolnshire, United Kingdom NG31 6LL

    phone: view phone01476 581135

    website: www.woodlandtrust.org.uk

      The Tree Council

      in Conservation

      Promoting the planting and conservation of trees and woods.

      Native Woodland Trust

      in Conservation

      Safeguarding Ireland's remaining native woodlands, protecting her rare ancient woodlands.


      International Tree Foundation

      in Conservation

      UK charity working towards a world richer in trees.

      Sandy Lane Crawley Down United Kingdom, Sussex, United Kingdom RH10 4HS

      phone: view phone01342 717300

      website: www.internationaltreefound...

      e-mail: send an e-mail


        PJC Consultancy

        in Conservation

        PJC Consultancy are specialists in Ecological consultancy and Arboriculture services.

        Chapters House Priesthawes farm Sussex, United Kingdom BN26 6QU

        phone: view phone01323 833 353

        website: www.pjcconsultancy.com

        e-mail: send an e-mail


          Agroforestry Research Trust

          in Conservation

          Research into temperate agroforestry and into all aspects of plant cropping and uses.

          Totnes, Devon, United Kingdom TQ9 6JT

          phone: view phone01803 840776

          website: www.agroforestry.co.uk

          e-mail: send an e-mail

            Small Woods Associations

            in Conservation

            Organisation promoting and supporting the wellbeing of small woods in the UK.

            Forestry Commission

            in Conservation

            The government department responsible for protection & expansion of UK's forests & woodlands.

            Found 10 records

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