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Kent Wildlife Trust

in Conservation

Kent Wildlife Trust - The leading conservation organisation in Kent and the Medway towns.

Moors for the Future Partnership

in Conservation

A partnership project to restore large parts of the internationally important Peak District moors.

The Bat Conservation Trust

in Conservation

The UK's only organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and their habitats.


in Conservation

Promotes conservation of birds & wildlife through the protection and re-creation of habitats.


in Conservation

Supporting young people to take a lead on living more environmentally sustainable lifestyles.


in Conservation

Research and comment on airwave police tetra system in the uk, full of information & facts.

John Muir Trust

in Conservation

Protecting wild land and wildlife with education, activities & conservation.

Groundwork UK

in Conservation

Partnership with local people, local authorities to promote economic and social regeneration.

United Kingdom

website: www.groundwork.org.uk

e-mail: send an e-mail


    in Conservation

    The organization aims to increase awareness of the vital role of bees.

    Irish Peatland Conservation Council

    in Conservation

    One of Ireland's leading environmental campaigning groups, with information & education.

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