Village hall leads the way as Energy Minister calls for communities to join green energy revolution

One community in Hereford has already answered the call, with the help of 100% renewable electricity supplier, Good Energy. Local residents in Goodrich, Hereford, are currently celebrating the successful installation of solar technology at Goodrich Village Hall, which has cut energy costs and improved efficiency to secure the historic 126-year-old building’s future for generations to come.


Goodrich Village Hall lost approximately 75% of heat through poor insulation prior to the new technology being installed, meaning annual electricity bills were reaching £1800 and the future of the much-loved community building was called in to doubt.


In a bid to save the Hall, the local village committee led by Andrew Bartle secured £76,000 funding from various grant programmes and local fundraising to invest in full building insulation as well as solar thermal (heat) and solar PV (light) panels and 2 Air Source Heat Pumps. Together, they’ve reduced electricity consumption by more than 50% and generate around 5,956 kWh a year, helping to cut energy costs.


Andrew Bartle, pioneer of the project, says:  “Local buildings such as our village hall are an essential part of community life. They are the cornerstones of local communities from which everything else can flourish. We therefore wanted to create a self-financing village hall in order to ease the potential burden for future trustees. It’s taken dogged determination and hard work but now we have a cosy, welcoming hall which has regenerated our community – I see people come through the door now who I’ve never seen before.”


Good Energy supports more than 1,500 independent renewable generators throughout the UK, including Goodrich Village Hall.


Juliet Davenport, CEO and founder of Good Energy, says: “This project is a fantastic example of how a community can come together and establish a brilliant renewable energy project which they can all benefit from. Gradually, as more communities and individuals take up similar opportunities, we will move towards a nation powered by 100% renewable energy.”

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26 Nov 2010