This Year's National Zero Waste Week is 5th Sept - 11th Sept 2011

National Zero Waste Week takes place week beginning 5th September 2011.  This year’s theme is ‘Reducing Waste Away From Home‘ in support of Recycle Now’s Recycle Week, where the theme “Recycling - Home and Away” got everyone thinking about recycling not just at home, but when out shopping, at work or socialising.


How can I join in?

Leave a comment at telling them what you pledge to do to reduce waste when you’re away from home. Then during National Zero Waste Week and tell them how you are getting on.

If you have a blog or webpage, please help spread the word by writing about National Zero Waste week.

If you’re on twitter or facebook, encourage your friends and family to join in too. Use the hashtag #nzww on twitter or sign up for our zero waste week event on Facebook.

You can find our pages on Twitter and Facebook.


What can I pledge to do?

  • Use your own travel mug rather than disposable plastic cups in places like Starbucks or at work
  • Take a zero waste packed lunch to work or school
  • Take home fruit peelings and cores to compost at home or set up a compost heap or bokashi bin at work
  • If you’re eating out ask to take your leftovers home to reduce food waste
  • Are you planning a 3D movie during zero waste week? Support a cinema that encourages you to keep your glasses and reuse them in exchange for a saving on the ticket price for future 3D presentations rather than opting for the once-use disposable option
  • Try to avoid one or more of the following when eating out:
  1. Plastic straws - let your waiter know beforehand that you don’t want the straw
  2. Paper parasols - pretty but not sustainable
  3. Disposable cutlery and chopsticks - carry your own spork which you can pick up in a camping shop for a couple of pounds
  4. Plastic or paper cups -If you’re left with a plastic bottle to dispose of, use one of your local on-street recycling bins
  5. Paper napkins - carry your own reusable cloths with you
  6. Individual pots containing sauces or jam - raise awareness by asking the manager to provide alternatives; it might just get them thinking
  7. Individual plastic milk cartons


So over to you!  See what you can recycle or reuse during National Zero Waste Week.

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30 Aug 2011