The Best Eco Songs Ever!

As the UK’s national press increases its coverage of sustainable living, John-Paul Flintoff of The Times contacted Permaculture Magazine for their opinion as to the best eco songs ever.


The office was given ten minutes to come up with something, and off the top of their heads they came up with a short list.


“We figured Joni Mitchell’s 1970 Big Yellow Taxi hit was probably the first ever eco song that millions of people heard” says Permaculture Magazine’s Tony Rollinson .


“We included songs that people would generally have heard of, songs by Sting and The Clash, but we also included two new songs by current bands, to illustrate the current artistic response to climate change.”


There are lots of bands and singers now spreading the word about the need to be sustainable and Permaculture Magazine featured one of them on a free DVD they gave away to subscribers with one of their issues last year.


Climate Change – It’s In Your Hands was a collection of eco-films and activist shorts from around the world that contained inspiring ‘can-do’ examples of what people are doing around the globe!

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