Revolutionary BulkyWaste Service launched as a dotcom

The innovative and revolutionary BulkyWaste Service has launched as a dotcom.  The launch places the BulkyWaste Service on a national platform, making it easier and more convenient for customers to arrange collections, and ensuring the environmental, social and economic benefits of the service are felt nationwide. allows every household in the UK to book collections for their bulky waste simply by entering their postcode, specifying which items they would like collected and selecting a convenient collection date.  The service aims to reuse or recycle at least 60 per cent of the waste received, with reusable items of furniture refurbished and sold on to charities or low-income families.


BulkyWaste aligns with key objectives of the Coalition Governments’ flagship policy, the Big Society, in that it gives communities the power to clean up their own areas, decentralises responsibility for the disposal of bulky waste, encourages individuals to take an active role in the state of their community, and supports charities and social enterprises.


In light of the recent Comprehensive Spending Review, the BulkyWaste Service is also an ideal solution for Local Authorities looking to reduce costs, improve recycling rates, reduce landfill rates, support local charities and provide employment opportunities to local people.


BulkyWaste’s first partner was Preston City Council. In just six months the service revolutionised Preston City Council’s former bulky waste service, recycling more than 150 tonnes of household waste that would previously be sent to landfill in the first six months, and saving the council more than £70,000.


BulkyWaste’s founding company, Recycling Lives, along with other charities, can use this as an opportunity to provide training and work experience opportunities for the long term unemployed. In light of the newly published Welfare Reform White Paper, in which the Coalition Government sets out plans to tackle Britain’s crippling welfare bill, providing such opportunities for those struggling to find work is more important than ever.


Local communities benefit from the service through reduced fly-tipping, increased employment opportunities and increased amounts of affordable furniture made available to low-income families.


Recycling Lives Chairman and Founder, Steven Jackson, who founded BulkyWaste, said: “The BulkyWaste Service is an innovative and revolutionary concept that provides real value and benefit to Local Authorities and the communities they serve, as well as charities and social enterprises within the area.


“Providing this service as a dotcom will enable us to expand the service nationwide while enabling other charities and Local Authorities to come on board and benefit from the service.”  For more information visit

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03 Dec 2010

By Bulky Waste