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Polar Bears and Tourism

With the effects of climate change, the ice in the Hudson Bay is forming later and melting earlier each year, making it more difficult for the female bears to find enough food to support their cubs, and so gradually the number of bears is dwindling.

Piedra Blanca National Park, Costa Rica

It’s slightly incongruous – I am in a corner of paradise in Costa Rica and there is the distinct aroma of mince and onions cooking. What’s even odder is that this isn’t a scent created by food – but rather by wild pigs.

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica - Holidays with an alternative

It’s easy to dismiss Puerto Viejo in southern Costa Rica as a town full of young guys (and girls) with dreadlocks, soul patches (guys only) and the waft of marijuana (no discernible gender bias). But that’s not all Puerto Viejo has to offer…

Penguins, Penguins Everywhere

Penguins, penguins and more penguins. It’s the final morning of the cruise aboard the Via Australis – a trip that has taken us from tiny, remote Hornos Island at the tip of South America, through the Beagle Channel and Magellan Straits, past majestic

Pack your organic and green credentials when you head off on your 2012 holiday...

‘Don’t forget to pack your organic and green credentials when you head off on your 2012 holiday’ is the message from Organic Holidays, the company behind the ultimate organic vacation and short break web portal

Found 5 records

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