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Ice, Ice Baby - The Glorious Pia Glacier

I can hear, and feel, our small zodiac boat crunching through the ice as we make our way from ship to shore. Miniature icebergs bob in the water around us, congregating nearer the land, forcing us to break our way through.

Isle of Harris; climbing Chaipaval

A wall of white cloud rides in on the waves, dragging rain with it. A question hangs in the air: start the ascent or seek the safe haven of the car? Above us, a steep, rocky climb. Below, the path back through the machair.

Innovative Hostel Rewarded Aspire Certificate

As an innovative hostel offering healing therapies as well as a bed for the night, a backdrop of majestic mountains and a beautiful, relaxing garden area it is no wonder what so ever that Corris Hostel in Snowdonia has been awarded

Found 3 records

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