Good Energy launches 'Get Rid of Grid Average' campaign

Good Energy’s Get Rid of Grid Average campaign calls for fairer carbon emissions reporting guidelines for UK businesses, and we’d like your support.


We believe that if a business generates its own renewable energy onsite or buys it from a certified green energy tariff then it should be counted as zero-carbon when calculating their CO2 emissions. At the moment, businesses have to make that calculation based on the amount of zero-carbon energy in the UK National Grid (the Grid Average), which is currently only 6.6%. 


To us, this seems ridiculous and we think the Government should get rid of Grid Average as the basis for reporting the use of renewable energy. And the issue is all the more pressing given that the Government is now considering making the current, voluntary guidelines compulsory.


Encouraging companies to reduce their carbon emissions should be as simple and as straightforward as possible, so that choosing a low carbon alternative is easy. Our work with our business customers tell us that many of them just want to be recognised rather than penalised for making the right choices when it comes to doing what they can to reduce their emissions.


Our partners at Friends of the Earth are backing our call for a change.


“Current rules put companies in the crazy position of appearing to use electricity from fossil fuels even if they generate or buy 100% renewable power.  The Government should act on Good Energy’s campaign for a better carbon reporting system – this would encourage more businesses to switch to renewable energy and fairly credit those that go green.”

-- Simon Bullock, FOE Economy Team Coordinator


In addition to gathering support from the business community, we’d also like help from our customers.  So we’ve pulled together the materials that make it easy for you to lobby your local MP.


  • You can find out who your local MP is and get their email/postal address from this website.


Remember: It’s important to include your address to show that you are a constituent; otherwise many MPs won’t even look at your message.


It would be great if you could send a quick email to just saying who you’ve emailed and when - that way we can follow up directly with them.


The Government’s initial formal consultation on making the current (flawed) guidelines compulsory closes in early July. It will then consider responses and next steps before publishing them in the autumn. So the coming weeks and months are an excellent opportunity to get the Government to change tack.


With your support, we hope we’ll be successful in persuading the government to Get Rid of Grid Average, so watch this space for news, views and further updates.

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07 Jun 2011

By Good Energy