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Rise of the Silver Greens* (*environmentally aware pensioners)

Published: 20/01/2010 by My Greener Home

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Definition: Silver Greens are men and women over sixty with a high awareness of climate issues and who are highly motivated to make positive changes in their life.


Pensioners are the UK’s most environmentally aware citizens, according to research conducted by a green online retailer.


Today’s Silver Greens are embracing the green movement by recycling, conserving energy, and sourcing locally produced food. This is the generation who lived through the Second World War, so living economically and with a reduced carbon footprint comes naturally. Older people are also being hit hard by rising fuel costs and are keen to conserve energy.


According to the study, many pensioners care deeply about playing a part in preserving the planet for their grandchildren.


My Greener Home first identified this new demographic when they found that 59% of their customers were in fact aged over 60. Silver Greens are three times as likely to buy energy saving products for the home, as opposed to 18-35 year olds who are the least likely.


Popular products purchased by Silver Greens include; Eco flap letter box draught stoppers £22.47, Economy saving light bulbs £5.08, Heatkeeper Energy Saving Radiator Panels £32.69, and Chimney Balloons £19.93.


Edwin Lloyd, founder of My Greener Home said,“British pensioners make up a core part of our market. Our older customers tell us that they are keen to improve energy efficiency, live more sustainably and boost their quality of life. It can be surprisingly easy for older people to reduce the amount of electricity and gas they use, both saving money and doing more to protect the environment along the way.”